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Ley Lines and the Earths Magnetic Field

Ley Lines and the Earths Magnetic Field

When I first became interested in Ley Lines, around 5 years ago, I approached the subject with an air of cynicism. Although I was fascinated by the whole topic it was certainly not something I was sold on. At the time I was researching a lot of conspiracy theories and it seemed important to me to be discerning to all my areas of interest. During my research I began to find more and more evidence to suggest that Ley Lines were in fact a very real and interesting phenomenon.  

Now of course when researching Ley Lines in the UK one inevitably gravitates towards Stonehenge. Although it didn't take long for me to realize the significance of Avebury in the UK Ley Line network, I have to admit that I was not even aware of the sites existence until I started investigating Ley Lines. How strange is that? Europe's largest standing stone circle and I had never heard of it. The conspiracy theorist part of my mind boggled! 

During my research on Stonehenge I came to a simple conclusion. There had to be a magnetic or functional purpose behind Stonehenge. The main topic of interest with the general public is how were the stones actually transported? Now what seemed more interesting to me was why would they have gone to so much effort to get certain stones? 

To give those of you not familiar with the stones at Stonehenge a brief explanation... the majority of the stones are from a site near Avebury less than 20 miles away, these are the Sarsen stones. However the Blue Stone of the inner core of the stone circle are from Prescelly which is around 200 miles away. So given that the majority of people seem to be most interested in the logistics of carrying a stone that heavy that far, why on gods earth would they carry certain stones further?

One explanation is the appearance of the stones, as the stones from Prescelly look especially attractive when wet. However, this theory holds little weight in my mind, given the excessive weight of the stones in question (some 60 tonnes in weight for each stone.) The Prescelly stones are also said to have held certain healing properties, which may be a more plausible reason why they were chosen to feature in Stonehenge.

Although I do not doubt that Prescelly blue stones do have healing properties this does not really justify the scale of the site. If you look at conventional thinking on how Stonehenge was built it is estimated to have taken 30 million man hours, a fact that puzzled me as a child. We are meant to believe that this was a society of people living hand to mouth and yet they had 30 million man hours to devote to superstition! Hardly likely.  

I am certainly not an expert in crystals but I am led to believe that the Prescelly blue stone has a different crystalline structure to the Sarscen stones and that this is the reason these stones were transported so far. This crystalline structure is said to interact with the energy of the Ley Line and cause the stones to give off an electromagnetic field. What effect and to what purchase this achieves is something I can only speculate on at this time and not something I intend to go into in this post. 

Now this conclusion could seem like a wild leap especially since I seem to lack any real scientific knowledge of the crystalline structures I am referring to. In making this conclusion I considered lots of research that has been done into the magnetic of the planet and how these interact with Ley Lines. 

In 1972 Ivan Sanderson researched all the disappearances of planes and ships since these records began he noticed that there were significant concentrations of these disappearances in 12 key locations on the planet. Yes you guessed the 1st one, the Bermuda Triangle. What is most remarkable about this is that these 12 locations are equally spaced across the planet in a geometric shape. These 12 places are sites with huge magnetic anomalies and form a Icosahedron shape. Although Sanderson discovered this in the modern age, it was something Plato had also contemplated millennia before. 

The work of Ivan Sanderson has been developed greatly over the years and many authors have expanded his original grid. Much of this work was done by researchers Bill Becker and Beth Hagens. These researchers used a shape derived by R. Buckminster Fuller to expand the grid of the earth and they clearly found the megalithic sites on the planet were all located on these lines or points where they interact. Stonehenge of course being one of these points. I recently came across an interesting picture which show the effects of magnetism on ferrofluid. This showed a clearly defined pattern, as you would it expect but it also seemed to me to be very similar to the grid of World Ley Lines we are now familiar with. 

Now what did seem a fascinating idea to me was that this would help to explain how Ley Lines include man made and natural features, as I discussed in my last post. If megalithic structures likes Stonehenge were build in accordance to magnetic pattern of the earth then surely you would expect to see natural features which line up with these. Although I am no geologist, I can only assume that a strong magnetic force in a certain area would impact the formation of a landscape and enhance peaks and troughs, such as the mountains and lakes we see lining up with man made sites on ley lines. 

I know this discussion has brought up as many questions as it has offered answers to, I can only encourage you to do your own research. I am certainly not an expert on this subject I just seem to be more interested than most! 

I would very much love to hear your thoughts and views on this topic and I encourage you to leave your comments. If there is something to do with Ley Lines you would like to discuss with me please let me know. 


  1. For those who still disbelieve in ley lines, have a look at my website I have discovered that the most important sacred sites in Scotland have been placed between two or more volcanic plugs. Thanks to Google Earth there is now no doubt about this. The same goes for the USA - all of the capital cities have been built in straight lines leading away from extinct volcanoes.

    1. The web site mentioned is just a plug for a silly book.

  2. Interesting how there are several hexagrams and other 666s in the bird's eye view. A hexagram has 6 points, is composed of 6 lines, and forms 6 small triangles. Also a hexagon in the center, not to mention the hexagon within with 3 stones on each side. 3x6=666... Mark of the beast confirmed. The druids were worshipping fallen angels.

  3. The ley lines are a fact. what seems to be in question is what were they used for in the past. I hope that we can rediscover the old world use for them.

  4. Do Ley Lines intersect with magnetic north?

  5. Matias de Stefano YOSOY (I am) is tuning up the nodes on this planet and explains the sites to the geometric lay lines.

  6. Would like an update and available “good” reference sources for ley lines if you have more information. Been studying related information for last 20 years.